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Emmanuel Dan

Leave your search & conversion rate optimization projects in the hands of a certified expert

From Performance gaps diagnostics to assessing optimization potential, my expertise will set your business on a steep growth trajectory

Emmanuel Dan

What I do


DMCA - Content Protection

Get rid of content thieves and the harmful effect they are having on your organic traffic. I would help you achieve this by identifying all the sites stealing your content, and I would submit a take down request on your behalf to google


GTM Tracking Configuration

Turn your website into a precise tracking machine that generates the data you need to surpass your competitors. Develop the appropriate measurement plan that resonates with your unique business situation


Conversion rate Optimization & uX Testing

Conduct A/B tests and other conversion yield experiments. Be it lead generation, downloads or ecommerce sales, CRO & UX testing would amplify your conversions and make your business more profitable

other SEO Services

SERP Audit

Analyze the results pages for your most relevant keywords so as to determine the content quality benchmarks required to reach the top of the rankings

Negative SEO Mitigation

Identify and disavow toxic backlinks based on google defined toxicity parameters. Identify hacker entry points and other vulnerabilities. Block site access to bad bots

Speed Optimization

Get a ranking boost by enhancing your core web vitals and site speed Minify your tracking codes, enable Gzip compression and reduce render blocking resources

Why Choose Me

Technical precision and commitment to excellence

Verifiably Competent

Client focused empathy and a commitment to value addition

24/7 Availability

Excellent technical support and commitment to client education

Always On Time

Project completion timelines are set and adhered to


What My Clients Say?

Emmanuel is a full stack growth specialist with excellent diagnostic insights. He possesses a thorough understanding of the search ecosystem
Phil Drinkwater
CEO & Founder Crix
Emmanuel Dan excellently managed our crawl budget optimization projects. His innovative PageRank distribution formula helped upgrade the average uri rating of our pages
Dr Abimbola Agbaje
Co-Founder at Arbiterz
Emmy implemented the full recovery of our website from the security penalties we incurred after a SQL injection attack. He is a genius
Kingsley Ezeani
Founder at Techive Africa
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